NISS reviews missions to tackle the current and future security threats

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The National Intelligence and Securty Service (NISS) says it has revised organizational missions that enables to tackle current and future security threats across the country. 


According to the statement of NISS sent to mass media that the organization has conducted intelligence operations based on revised missions. The revision helps to successfully tackled security threats in the last budget year and also have the capacity to foil future security threats across the country, stated.     


Regional administrators of different regions, mayors of different cities, federal security leaders, regional security leaders, intelligence organizations leaders and other affiliated stakeholders were parts of the award and recognition ceremony.

Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Service, Temesgen Tiruneh said on the occasion that the award aims to promote best practices, encourage next high level performance and strengthening cooperation among federal and regional security organizations.         


Rapid and practical revisions of NISS missions were major sources for the high performance of the organization in the last budget year, the Director General underscored. Good outcomes were registered in areas of organizational structures, human resource capacity building, intelligence operations, utilization of technologies, partnership and cooperation's, he added.   

Further more, the digital exhibition opened for the first time served as a key tool for  positive image building of NISS, the Director General said. The exhibition has visited by different segment of population, internal and external stakeholders portray reforms implemented and the level of technology used within the NISS, the Director stated. He stressed that the digital  exhibition  opened for  the public not only allow to meet  organizational goal,  but also  help  to  promote  the bilateral  diplomatic relations  of  Ethiopia with  other countries .    

President of the Somali  region , Mustfe Mohammed on the occasion said that NISS participation and  operations  has made  successful  the  current  anti-al-shabab  campaign . Cooperation and united spirit is a away for a great success is a lesson we learn from NISS, he remarks.