Organizational Values

Organizational Values


The organizational ethos that guide the principles, core values and aspirations of the officers at the National Intelligence and Security Service are defined as follows.




Morally sound, honest, upright and rectitude in our personality, true to our words and dependable in all what we do, as well as freedom from corrupting practice, influence or motives in accomplishing our mission.



We shall dedicate our full time and energy to the mission and always ready to take initiative and react to specific situations, events, suggestions and influences by binding ourselves physically and emotionally to a course of action.


Adequately well qualified both professionally and intellectually, as well as capable and efficient in performing our tasks; we reflect on our performance and learn and gain experience form it to improve and excel.



We maintain our ability to continuously obtain clandestine intelligence by shielding our sources, operational techniques and methods.


We shall do our job in cooperation , we strongly believe in collaborative result and promote diversity and inclusiveness in accomplishing our mission. .