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Ethiopian, South Korean Intelligence, and Security Agencies Agree to Jointly Combat Terrorism and Cross-Border Crimes
The Burial Ceremony of the Famous Intelligence and Security Professional, Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu, concluded
Nat’al committee conducts activities to resolve border disputes between Amhara and Tigray regional states

About Us

About Us



World class intelligence and Security service provider to defend protect and advance the National Security Interests of Ethiopia.



To provide vital and timely intelligence on threats and opportunities affecting the National Security interests of Ethiopia.


Organizational Values


  •   Integrity
  •   Commitment
  •   Excellence
  •   Secrecy
  •   Accountability
  •   Collaboration


Yout Zone

Youth Zone

NISS would exercise image building activities which can help to selects youths who have got special talents and capacity in information technology and similar professions.


   Creating conducive conditions for youths so that they can present technologically enriched creative works, through which we can do the task of indoctrination

   By combining intelligence and security sector with Information communication technology, we can arrange competitions that can help recruit youths with special professional talent and make them join our institution.

   It can enhance the endeavors intended to build sense of belongingness among the new generation through a visitation program.


   It can create a chance where long serving and senior employees of the institution can share their best experience and tell what it takes to keep the peace, security and interest of the nation.

   In general it can help to pose interest on the talented new generation to serve in the intelligence and security profession.

   This module includes four parts which include: youths' inventions and innovation, Youths' ICT competition and visit and experience sharing.

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John Trent Kelly, U.S. congressman


Ethiopia and USA have long standing collaborations and partnerships in Intelligence and Security sectors. Particularly, the two countries had experience of working together in the area of information sharing, preventing terrorism and cross border crimes.  And also I will play my part to strengthen cooperation and partnerships between the two countries.


Dr Bikila Hurissa , Head of Democratic System Building Bureau at the level of Prime Minister’s office


I am very Joyful to see inspirational organizational reform, which is exemplary and model for other organizations, Congratulations! 


His Excellency, Tagesse Chafo , Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives


The National Intelligence and Security Service has conducted a successful reform on human resource development. Talented and educated professionals recruited and competent leaders were assigned based on situational analysis evaluation. So far, marvelous efforts were made to achieve organizational missions efficiently.