The Burial Ceremony of the Famous Intelligence and Security Professional, Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu, concluded

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The burial ceremony for Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu, who had made a significant contribution to the Ethiopian intelligence and security sectors, was concluded at Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Addis Ababa.    


The late Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu had served his country in the sectors of intelligence, security, and diplomacy for about sixty years, as stated during the funeral ceremony. Dr. Asmamaw passed away on April 5, 2016 EC, at the age of 84, after consecutive medical treatments inside and outside the country following serious sickness, as disclosed.


Furthermore, he was deputy minister of the then ministry of internal affairs and provided services in different positions of the ministry. 

Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu had a bachelor degree in the economics field from Addis Ababa University, a masters degree in intelligence from Isreal University, earned a PHD from Karl Marx University of Economics in Bulgaria, and also received a postdoctoral degree from the School of Economics in London. In addition, Dr. Asmamaw was a member of the 9th course of police and reached the level of Colonel. 


He also served as the first extraordinary ambassador to Somalia post ethio – Somali war and played a substantial role in ensuring peace and exchanging prisoners of war (pwos) between Ethiopia and Somalia. 


He was a famous intelligence and security professional known for his relentless efforts and dedication to secure the geo political interests of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa.    


The veteran intelligence and security professional who was committed to protecting the national interests and security of Ethiopia was also imprisoned for 12 years during the period of EPDRF.


The veteran also fulfilled hisnational responsibility by providing and expansion of education for prisoners. Dr Asmamaw served as consultant and head of different private organizations including Zemen Bank after being released from prison. 


Dr. Asmamaw had participated in different trainings related to intelligence and security knowledge, skills, thoughts, and personalities in Israel and Germany in order to build trans-generational and professional intelligence and security in Ethiopia. He had largely contributed to the establishment of the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS) in 1974 EC. 


Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu was one of the professionals called after the national change and reform program, and he was teaching at the National Security University (NSU) until a sudden illness happened in December 2016 EC . 


Futher more, he had fulfilled his professional responsibility through presentations of   current and mature national, regional ,and international political, security, and  economic issues in different  media.  


Dr Asmamaw had practically shown that the task of maintaining national interests and security should be impartial, life long and a priority in any situation.


Dr. Asmamaw Kelemu was married and the father of three sons.