Ethiopia arrests 29 Foreign citizens and 2 Ethiopians over illicit gold production and trade

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The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) disclosed that it has able to arrest 29 foreign citizens and two Ethiopians involved in the illicit gold production and trade activities within the Benishangul Gumez regional state.

Ethiopian government establishes national council to identify problems, follow up and set directions focusing on illegal activities of mining sector the statement stated. The national intelligence and security service (NISS) undertakes in-depth studies to identify illegal activities and linkages related with gold production based on the direction of the council, the statement said.

NISS has carried out joint operations involving national defense forces, federal police  and  Benishangul Gumez  regional state  and able to arrest targeted suspects of illegal gold production and trade    .

The suspected individuals purchased gold illegally that was only legally to sale for the National Bank of Ethiopia and also purposely collaborated with terror and armed groups for the Looting of resources and exacerbated security threats in some parts of the country, the statement stated.

The Benishangul Gumez regional state is one of the potential area of mineral resources identified with high level of illegal gold production and trade as it was indicated by the in-depth studies.    

There are Ethiopians who have knowledge, technology and budget organized in associations and engaged in legal gold mining and trade activities ensuring   both sides benefits learnt from the statement sent to mass media.