" We should work to make friends proud, threat to enemy” Temesegen Tiruneh DG of NISS

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" We should work hard to make our friends proud and enemies threatened” says the Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) during the opening ceremony of a film named” the Eagle”, which is the first film produced based on true story of NISS.  

The film launched by his excellency, Tagesse Chafo , speaker of the house of  people’s  representative  at  a ceremony  held  in  the new office building hall of CBE. The film story depicts the heroism to rescue a country. 

The Director General of NISS, Temesgen Tiruneh stressed on the occasion of the ceremony that a film called eagle produced for the first time in its kind shows that Ethiopia starts to document the heroic stories.  Hence, the film conveys message about the patriotic activities and devotion of Ethiopians to friends and enemies of the country, he stated.

According to the Director General, the intelligence and security organizations of developed nations usually build their pubic image using arts and films.  

The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) have conducted astounding operations and recorded remarkable stories, the Director General underscored. The film eagle represents one of numerous and daily heroic activities of NISS. It also depicts the growing capacity of NISS following the reform, he reiterated.      

The film production will change the experiences of intelligence and security organizations of Ethiopia, the Director General underlined.   He called all stakeholders of arts and films to be part of the image building task of the national intelligence and security institutions.