Ethiopia, Kenya signs to jointly prevent Terrorism, Human Trafficking and organized crimes

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The intelligence and security services of Ethiopia and Kenya have signed an agreement to work together to prevent terrorism, human trafficking and organized crime.


The agreement was signed by the  Director General of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Temesgen Tiruneh, and the Director General of Kenya’s National Intelligence Service, ( NIS) Major General Philip Kamuru.


The core agreement points stated in the signed document are joint combating of local and regional threats; such as terrorism, illegal arms trafficking, illegal financial transfer, illegal militants, illegal human trafficking, transnational organized crimes and threats.


Director General of NISS Temesgen Tiruneh said during the signing ceremony,  that Ethiopia has signed an agreement with African countries to prevent terrorism and related security threats in East Africa and the Horn of Africa.


Head of the delegation at Kenya’s National Intelligence Service, Saif Salem Suleman, on his part pointed out that terrorism, illegal weapons, money and human trafficking are threats to East Africa.


Therefore, he stated that they have made an agreement to work together with Ethiopia to fight these regional challenges together.


A delegation from Kenya’s National Intelligence Service has since yesterday visited the Ethiopian Information Network Security Administration (INSA), National Artificial Intelligence Institute, and Science Museum as well as National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).


NISS indicates that Ethiopia and Kenya are friendly neighboring countries and have established long standing relations in the political, economic and social sectors.